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Accuracy and reliability assured in our range of Universal Testing Machine, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, etc.

About Us

Since we, Bharat Mechnocrat, formed business in 2018, we have been expertly meeting needs of different industries with our high-performance and functionally reliable line of testing and measurement equipment. Working directly with famed manufacturers of Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Electronic And Mechanical Extensometer, etc., we have always managed supplying products that exhibit optimum performance, give precise readings and suit specific jobs. Today, as an industry leading trader and supplier, we offer testing and measurement equipment of the best kind, serving patrons from across a variety of sectors. We also offer them low-cost Universal Testing Machine Repairing Services, Hardness Tester Calibration Services, etc., as a licensed service provider.

Our Mission

We established our firm with the mission of bringing forward the best products for all customers, regardless of the sector that they come from. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Mentor & Team: We have a dedicated team comprising technocrats and technical-minded professionals who are guided by our mentor, Mr. Puran Mahato. He believes in exceeding expectations of clients through actions rather than making tall claims. He empowers our team, invests on the right resources with his foresight and always helps the company deliver solutions that are one of a kind.
  • Our Vendors: Our trade business is boosted by the firm support of our vendors who believe in constantly updating technology and processes for improving quality of products and customer experience. They build a range of Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Hardness Tester, Electronic And Mechanical Extensometer, etc., after thoroughly analyzing client needs and understanding market requirements. We then capitalize on their expertise and supply leading edge solutions at low cost to our own clients.
  • Quality & Time Bound Delivery: Building hi-tech equipment is one thing and arranging for its timely delivery is another. However, we know that both these factors control how clients perceive a business. This is the reason we apart from striking alliance with manufacturing experts also work our part to test quality of the sourced range. We gauge dimension, durability and performance of each product through reliable tests. We also make necessary arrangements for dispatching all the products from our facility, on time.  
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Digital Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine - FIE
Features This is motorized machine having automatic loading/unloading cycle suitable for production testing. The machine body is having a taper front look and large size read-out in the front. The machine is powder coated for better look. The paint shade do not fade and machine looks like new over years. The elevating screw of machine is guided in a hardened and ground bush, not allowing movement of elevating screw more than 0.05 mm when raised to full height. The accuracy is retained for years together due to hardened bush. A hardened and ground stepped bush is fixed on top of main screw for location and rest surface. This guarantees no change in results due to rough handling of test table or test piece. It means a trouble free long life machine accuracy. An antifriction linear bearing with almost no clearance is provided for a perfect vertical movement of loading plunger with minimum friction. This enables testing of small dia. Pin or ball upto 3 mm dia. These models are provided with automatic working cycle and digital LCD display with 0.1 Rockwell resolution. This insures productivity with better accuracy. IS:1586 (Part 2) 2012 for Rockwell and Rockwell superficial test. IS:1500 (Part 2) 2013 for Brinell hardness test. Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester, Model : RASNE-3 Digital Rockwell Cum Superficial Hardness Tester, Model : RASNET-3 Digital Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Tester, Model : RASNEB-3
Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine - FIE
Features Suitable for Rockwell Tests. Manually operated. Preliminary Test Force: 98.07 N(10 kgf). Additional Test Force: 490.3, 882.6, 1373 N (50,90,140 kgf). Total Test Force: 588.4, 980.7, 1471 N (60,100,150 kgf). Test Force Selection by external dialing. Auto zero setting dial gauge.